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White Labs sent us more Belgian Golden Ale Yeast (570) than we ordered so we are selling them for half price while supplies last.  Limited time offer  for in stock yeast white lab 570 only.


From East Flanders, versatile yeast that can produce light Belgian ales to high gravity Belgian beers (12% ABV). A combination of fruitiness and phenolic characteristics dominate the flavor profile. Some sulfur is produced during fermentation, which will dissipate following the end of fermentation.


WPL 57- style rating

Temp chart wlp 570

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Renaissance Wine Yeasts

May 6, 2014

Dr John Husnik, PhD, of Renaissance Yeast Inc., is a leading researcher in the area of yeast development and classical breeding techniques in wine and other yeasts. He will be a speaker at the 15th Annual Enology Viticulture Conference July 21 – 22, 2014 at the Penticton Convention Centre. Bosagrape is pleased to offer H2S-preventing wine yeasts produced […]

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Introducing GigaYeast Brewer’s Yeasts

April 5, 2014

Bosagrape is going to start bringing in GigaYeast liquid yeast for brewing. Check out their yeast selection here. This first shipment will have a special introductory price of $10.75. The regular price will be $12.00. Why do they have a higher price than Wyeast and White Labs?  Higher cell count — at least 200 billion […]

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Missed out on ordering fresh juice this year?

November 5, 2013

The ordering deadlines for Fresco fresh juice and Brehm frozen grapes have come and gone, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the pails of wine-to-be. In 2014, we will present our annual harvest newsletter, with all the information about ordering fresh juice or frozen grapes, as a PDF, which you will be […]

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Learn to Homebrew Day 2013 is November 2

October 23, 2013

East Van Backyard Brewing On Saturday November 2, Ian Tomas will be hosting a free grass-roots homebrewing workshop. Learn to make quality all-grain beer with a low-cost simple start-up setup. Anyone is welcome – space is not limited but shelter may be. Bring a water bottle, snack, tasting glass and wear appropriate footwear. 11am: Lagering, […]

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Suzanna’s Chardonnay is sold out!

September 11, 2013

Update on Brehm Frozen grapes: Chardonnay from Suzanna’s Vineyard is sold out. 12SVCH Suzanna’s, Carneros, Sonoma County, CA

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New Longer hours on Wednesday nights

December 29, 2012

Starting January 9, 2013 we will be open on Wednesday evenings until 7pm.  Our regular hours Monday to Friday, except Wednesdays, from 8:30am to 4:30am will be in effect as well as Saturday 9:00 to 3pm.

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White Labs Order

March 12, 2012

White labs yeast pre orders accepted now.

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Wyeast & White Lab Yeasts

March 11, 2012

Beer yeast sections now uploaded

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