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Malolactic Fermentation

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What is Malolactic Fermentation?

Malolactic fermentation (MLF) is a process in which sharp malic acid found naturally in grape must is converted to the softer lactic acid, a flavour desirable in red and and some white wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris).

This process is ideally done just prior to the end of fermentation by yeast.

How Will This Affect My Wine?

Malic acid gives the sour characteristic to fruits (think of a green apple), conversion to lactic acid will result in a richer and more vinous grape odour, a more mellow and full-bodied taste, and will give wines a buttery palate as a result of the conversion.

Our Selection of Malolactic Bacteria

We carry malolactic bacteria for 250L and up

The standard Oenos ML culture is a consistent fermentor with a clean and classic flavour profile and a alcohol tolerance up to 14%, and an optimal temperature requirement of 17-25°C.

oenos ML

We also carry other strains for specific conditions such as low pH, high alcohol tolerance, and low temperature.

ML Strain

SO2 tolerance Minimum pH Alcohol Tolerance

Temperature Tolerance

 CH16  (Red)  70 ppm  3.4  16% 17-25°C
 CH35 (White)  50 ppm  3.0  14%  17-25°C
 VP41  <60 (mg/L)  3.1  16%   >16°C
MBR31  <45 (mg/L)  3.1  13%  >14°C


Malolactic Nutrition

Lastly, nutrients can greatly help with the inoculation process to ensure a smooth fermentation. We recommend leucofood which we have available in different sizes for your MLF needs.

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