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Grape Vines

by admin on April 19, 2016

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We have Grape Vines!

We have 2 Grape Vine plants available for purchase at $20.00 each – don’t miss your chance to enjoy wine made from grapes from your own backyard!

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Hop Plants

March 18, 2016

As early as April 1st Bosagrape will have hop plants in 1 gallon pots for $10.50 each. Although, pre-ordering is not necessary it is recommend to ensure that you get the quantity and variety you want. Email or call 604 473-9463 to place your order.   Which varieties? Fuggle Zeus Chinook Mt Hood Centennial […]

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New Fruit Puree Flavours

February 6, 2016

Vintner’s Harvest Fruit Puree offers the home wine maker and home brewer year round supply of premium quality fruit. Vintner’s Harvest range of products are the finest on the market for crafting your own fruit wines. With easy to follow instructions and recipes for varied volumes, you will soon discover the joys of making high quality fruit wines in the […]

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Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2016
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February 2, 2016

AaquaTools has been a manufacturer and distributor of high quality high impingement water-driven products and solutions including high pressure washers, rotatory jet-heads, steam generators, spot-free rinse systems and flat surface cleaners to a select group of industries. Aaquatools Hot Cart: Aaquatools Hot Cart will heat water up to 85 C° (185°F) with flows up to 50 litres […]

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Oak Alternatives

January 7, 2016

Don’t want to take the plunge and buy an oak barrel?   Well, you don’t have to… We offer Oak Chips & Oak Cubes as an alternative solution!   Oak Chips   evOAK Classic Oak Chips are crafted using specialized technology such as infrared temperature sensors to ensure product quality meets their uncompromising standards. By […]

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Meglioli Deadline is fast approaching!

January 4, 2016

Order Deadline is Friday, January 8,2016 Call today! 604-473-9463

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Your perfect Pinot Noir bottle & glass!

December 22, 2015

The Bottle (Burgundy) Sold by the case The Glass Sold by the glass or by the case Burgundy bottles have gently sloping shoulders, with both red and white wines in similar green glass. These are sturdy, heavy bottles, with a slightly fatter girth than other wine bottles – although you may only notice this if […]

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Grainfather Holiday Sale

December 10, 2015
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Meglioli Juice

November 13, 2015

Order Deadline is Friday, January 8,2016! Meglioli Limited Edition is a top of the line pasteurized juice by Mosti Mondiale which offers 23 Litres/6 U.S. gallons of 100% Grape must for the winemaking enthusiast! The juices are sourced from Italy, Chile, and the US (more details below) and the finished product will result in a quintessential quality […]

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