About Us

Dennis and Flory Bosa started Bosagrape, formerly known as Bosa Grape & Juice Co. Ltd., back in 1988 to ensure that they had a continuous supply of premium quality grapes for their winemaking hobby.  These Brehm frozen grapes gained interest from all who tasted them and orders started coming from their first customers.  The timing could not have been better.  Flory was on maternity leave and the idea of a short seasonal business and raising kids was quite compatible.  

Wine had always been a part of their lives coming from Italian families.   Making wine at home was fun and always rewarded them for their efforts.  Over the years through many wine clubs, associations and trips to the wine country they met many great people.  The subject of wine became an obsession that they  never quite outgrew.

The three boys slowed the “fun” part of the hobby down for a while but now the kids are in university and grown up.  They still take up a lot of their time but they also provide them with great enjoyment.  The Brehm grape sales have continued to grow but are no longer the primary focus of the company.  A full product line provider is the goal.  A “candy store” for the winemaker and brewer where they will find a full range of products from harvest to bottling. To achieve this end, in 2007 a building facility was purchased to warehouse the extensive product line and to provide a showroom and retail/office space.  

Flory likes to say: “Bosagrape is a hobby that went out of control”.  In 2008, the business reached a crossroad where the majority of the sales were to the professional winemakers ie. wineries and a name change to Bosagrape Winery Supplies Ltd. was in order.

In 2009, Bosagrape became the west coast distributor for Mosti Mondiale wine juices and wine kits.  Another opportunity to serve a new market the craft winemaker market previously known as the U-brew/U-Vin stores.  Bosagrape was pleased to welcome these shop owners.

In 2011, Bosagrape did not ignore the emerging craft beer movement.  After doing some “research” on the subject, it was decided that beer would become an integral part of the business.  The showroom was completely reorganized and expanded to include a self serve all grain bar, blickmann brew sculptures, yeast and hop fridges and a large book section.  Every day new customers are visiting the showroom and comments have been extremely positive.  A customer stated recently that Bosagrape is  the “Disneyland” for brewers.  

Our customers live in Canada, the USA and internationally.  They are large and own wineries, distilleries, breweries or make a small batch of wine in their basement or beer on their patio.  They use grapes or pumpkins, or hops or honey.  They make wine, beer, cider, sake, mead, root beer, spirits, vinegars, juice, jams or essential oils.  They also come from industries that have nothing to do with wine.  Prop rentals are a serious business due to our close proximity to the production companies and movie studios.  Artists, photographers and nonfood producers always seem to find useful items.  This diversification is part of our success.

Bosagrape‘s Mission Statement is to ensure continued growth by listening to the needs of our customers and maintaining a willingness to source out products that will fill those needs.   We remain a Canadian family owned business small enough to react quickly to customer requests and large enough to have access to a large range of products from international sources.  This flexibility allows home winemakers to know that we have not forgotten our roots and that we can enhance their winemaking experiences.  We want to be all of our customers first choice as a resource supplier.

You, our customers have enabled us to grow, to remain community minded, to provide gainful employment to a good group of people, to work in a fun industry and to be part of the success of the Canadian wine and beer industry.  Thank you for your continued support, Bosagrape will continue to work to earn and keep your business.

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