Cleaning & Sanitizing

Your winemaking, brewing or fermenting equipment should ALL be cleaned & sanitized throughout the process of making your precious product to bottling it. 

Here is a list of the common products that are used and that we sell: 

DIVERSY/SANIBREW: aka “the pink stuff”- Chlorine-based powder cleaner. Must RINSE with hot water after using. You can soak equipment up to 48 hours to get rid of stubborn stains! 

KMS/POTTASIUM METABISULPHITE: Used to sanitize – allow solution to drip-dry. DO NOT RINSE

ONE STEP: Light powder cleaner and sanitizer. DO NOT RINSE (unless the water comes out cloudy, then rinse and sanitize again). Cleans with oxygen. Does not contain chlorine, bisulfates, organic compounds or phosphates. Environmentally Sound!

STAR SAN: Sanitizer. DO NOT RINSE. Contains phosphoric acid. Either soak or spray.


SCP: Multi-purpose cleaner that works well for wood barrels and bungs. “Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate”. RINSE after use.

CLEANSKIN: Multi-purpose cleaner, used as a replacement to caustic soda. Alkaline detergent. RINSE after use.

CLEANSKIN K: Multi-purpose cleaner that is potassium carbonate-based, cleans with oxygen. DO NOT RINSE

PBW: Powdered Brewery Wash is an environmentally friendly alkaline cleaner. This product can also be used to soak equipment to get rid of tough stains. RINSE after use. Comes in a tablet form as well.

SANICLEAN: Low-foaming version of Star San. DO NOT RINSE

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