Clarifying Your Wine with Kieselsol & Chitosan

When your wine has finished fermenting, you may want to use these 2 fining agents to clarify your
wine. The instructions below are for 23L of wine.

If you want to bulk age your wine in the carboy, wait to add the fining agents until about 10 days before your bottling date.

How to Clarify or “Fine” Your Wine:

  1. Slowly add the first fining agent, Kieselsol (D1) to the wine and stir well for 2-3
  2. Slowly add the second fining agent Chitosan (D2) to the wine and stir well for 2-3
  3. Make sure that the carboy is full to within 2” of the top.
  4. If you need to top up (i.e. you have a gap of more than 2″) add finished wine (homemade or purchased). Do not add water.
  5. Let the wine clear for 10 to 14 days at a temperature of 15-18°C.
  6. Rack the wine into a clean and sanitized carboy, leaving the sediment behind.
    Your wine is now ready to bottle!

Kieselsol/Chitosan can be purchased from BosaGrape Winery & Brew Supplies in various sizes

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