Wine Making News

Meglioli Limited Edition is a top of the line pasteurized juice by Mosti Mondiale¬†which offers 23 Litres/6 U.S. gallons of 100% Grape must¬†for the winemaking enthusiast! The juices are sourced from Italy, Chile, and the US (more details below) and the finished product will result in a quintessential quality wine with richness and intensity and […]

FULL SIZED USED NEUTRAL BARRELS: RED WINE, WHITE WINE, AND WHISKEY BARRELS   These barrels are considered “neutral” as they impart minimal oak flavour, but can still be used as:   Storage for wine combined with other oaking methods (chips, cubes, staves, etc.) Vessel for inoculation or fermentation of wild yeast/bacteria (Flanders red, Lambics, Geuze, […]