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23L Meglioli

Meglioli Limited Edition is a top of the line pasteurized juice by Mosti Mondiale which offers 23 Litres/6 U.S. gallons of 100% Grape must for the winemaking enthusiast!

The juices are sourced from Italy, Chile, and the US (more details below) and the finished product will result in a quintessential quality wine with richness and intensity and great potential for long term aging.

Different varieties are available throughout early spring from January to March and will be sold on a pre-order basis.

Kit also includes labels, shrinks, and corks!





ROJO GRANDE – $220.00
With Red Raisins Mosti Mondiale proprietary Blend. This wine is a blend of Chilean Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carmenere. It has a deep garnet robe with violet reflections. The attack is aggressive, almost overpowering, and then the wine starts to unfold and its rich earthy tones become evident. The hint of peppers and spice are in perfect harmony with the abundant ripe red berries. The bouquet is of wild berries with a vegetal hint and a slight “leathery” finish.

Food pairing: This wine pairs well with grilled red meats (well spiced), hearty stews, and pastas with rich sauces.
Serving: Between 18 degrees and 20 degrees celcius.
Comments: A wine that is definitely not for the masses or people with weak taste buds. Your patience will be rewarded immensely.

NEBBIOLO – $212.00
Nebbiolo is a wine of magnificent garnet-red color with a light purple hint at the rim. At a young age, it has notes of blackberries, violets and truffles on the nose, and with enough time in bottle; cedar and leathery nuances. The wine itself is splendidly robust, complex and full bodied. Its very noticeable tannins, evident acidity and overall herbal bouquet give it a fine roundness and it has a clean and lively attack thanks to its high level of alcohol. If it is given enough time to breathe before drinking, flavors of red fruits and spices become more evident.

Food pairing: Roast red meats, confit de canard, game and strongly flavoured cheeses.
Serving: Between 15 degrees and 17 degrees celcius.
Comments: Expresses itself best at maturity although there is a strong temptation to drink this wine young.

CHARDONNAY – $195.00
This is a contemporary Italian, distinguished by its refinement. Pale straw yellow in colour with a marvellous harmony of aromas of tropical fruit and flowering shrubs, it has flavours of passion fruit and freshly gathered citrus fruits. Its naturally high level of acidity gives it a much sought after fresh and lively taste. Fleshy and well balanced, it is a refined wine that is appropriate for all occasions.

Food pairing: This wine pairs well with a veal roast, shellfish and desserts that are not too sweet.
Serving: Quite chilled.
Comments: A wine that can be enjoyed when young but gains finesse as it ages.

This Northern Italian favorite is the base for spumante. It’s rich fruity flavours make it a perfect wine to be served as an aperitif or served with spicy Asian cuisine. On the palate, the wine exudes rich fruity flavors. The bouquet is very floral with slight citrus undertones. A versatile wine that can be served with or without a meals.

Alcohol: +/-11%
Food pairing: This wine pairs well with spicy Asian dishes (Thai, Indian etc) or simply served on its own.
Serving: Between 4° and 8°C
Comments: A light bodied white wine with an incredible bouquet.




PINOT NOIR – $212.00
A wine for the senses, this Pinot Noir is truly elegant in every way! Its intense color is combined with a marvelous bouquet comprising of both violets and spices. When young, your taste buds will become teased by the unity of ripe cherries and earthy spices. As this wine ages, you’ll notice hints of flavors such as; chocolate, prune, and figs. This wine has a smooth attack with a long lingering finish.

Food pairing: This wine pairs excellently with roast beef and steaks, quail, roasted leg of lamb, duck, and salmon.
Serving: Between 14 degrees and 18 degrees celcius.
Comments: Watch closely! This wine ages to surpass all expectations!

AMOROSSO – $212.00
Amorosso, a portmanteau name for the Italian words for ‘Love’ and ‘Red’, perfectly describes this wine; a ruby red color when young, which then deepens with age. The nose excites with hints of ripe cherries, plums and a touch of liquorice. It also leaves a great impression on the palate with a combination of fruit, spices and dark coffee. Pronounced tannins and a high alcohol content produce a robust wine with everlasting flavors on the finish. It is a rich and well-structured dry wine, as well as fruity and liqueur-like. It has a noble bitterness that reminds one of other bold red wines that typically leave a lasting impression. Enjoyable with hearty dishes or as an after-dinner drink when discussions get passionate.

Food pairing: Pasta matched with a pesto or spicy tomato sauce, roast meats, and cheeses of the Parmesan style.
Serving: Between 14 degrees and 16 degrees celcius.
Comments: May be enjoyed young but also has the ability for extended aging.

A three-way marriage of Californian, Chilean and Italian Cabernet Sauvignon. California Cabernet brings hints of red cherries and clove. Its Italian counterpart coveys notes of ripe blackberries along with subtle mocha and cocoa undertones. Finally, Chilean Cabernet brings it all together by imparting hints of cassis and a creamy texture. With 3 countries each bringing a unique characteristic and balance to this wine, it’s no wonder it is our best Cabernet yet!

Alcohol: +/-13%
Food pairing: Fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, roasted duck, curried lamb & strong, aged cheddar.
Serving: °C 15°— 18° °F 59°— 64°
Comments: The variety of nuances may not all be picked up in just one sitting! Taste. Age. Repeat.

Once confused with Zinfandel, its roots can be traced to Croatia many centuries ago. Primitivo is now grown in various regions of Italy. This Sicilian Primitivo is a well-balanced medium-full bodied varietal that develops jammy flavors of ripe berry fruits including dark cherries and raspberries.

Alcohol: +/- 14%
Food Pairing: Enjoy on a Sunday afternoon with hearty meat sauce lasagna with Porcini mushrooms.
Serving: Between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius.
Comments: Let this wine breathe for a few minutes and subtle nuances of chocolate and cracked pepper emerge.




Comprising solely of Old Vines picked from a single California vineyard, this extremely limited edition will present itself as a bright outgoing red filled with joy. Your senses will truly be tempted and delighted by the aromas and flavors of black cherries, currants, and berries. To ensure complete pleasure, these aromas and notes are followed by a perfectly balanced earthy finish. This full bodied red wine comprises of solid tannins that will surprise all winemakers with its noticeably long and elegant finish.

Food pairing: Savor anything red! Enjoy red meats, flavorful red pastas, lamb and burgers. For a true daring experience, enjoy with rich dark chocolates.
Serving: Between 15 degrees and 18 degrees celcius.
Comments: A dominating wine when young that ages extremely well when given the opportunity.

SHIRAZ – $212.00
The Shiraz grape is dark-skinned and grown throughout the world. Its status as a powerful red wine continues to elevate as does its popularity among all red wine drinkers. You’ll immediately fall in love with its deep vibrant red color that is elegantly paired with a tint of purple. Along with its dark colors and tints, experience the flavors and aromas of dark skinned fruits such as; blueberries, blackberries, and plums all accompanied with a soft woody and smokey scent to finalize the pleasure within your nostrils. This wine is full, round, and soft in the mouth while having great acidity matched with fine and long tannins.

Food pairing: Pairs beautifully with grilled meats and veggies, wild game, red meats with rich flavors, beef stew, and the true “Meat Lover’s” pizza.
Serving: Between 15 degrees and 18 degrees celcius.
Comments: A powerful wine when young that matures beyond expectations.

Boasts a charming dark purple color. This Chilean Malbec is a medium-to full bodied red with leading bold flavors of dark berries and plum, accompanied by subtler hints of dark chocolate, clove and cinnamon. Malbec has become synonymous with great South American wines in recent years, led mostly by Argentina and Chile.

Alcohol: +/-13.5%
Food pairing: Red meats; beef medallions, filet mignon & aged cheese made from sheep’s milk.
Serving: °C 16°— 18° °F 60°— 64°
Comments: Allow it some time to breathe before drinking.

Grown throughout southern Italy, Montepulciano originated in Tuscany, where a small town of the same name is also located. It is also one of the most widely planted grapes in the country. This medium-bodied ruby colored wine produces peppery notes when young, which will mellow with age and allow the more elegant tones of red plum, coffee and chocolate.

Alcohol: +/-13.5%
Food pairing: Bison, beef tartare, flank steak & blue cheese.
Serving: °C 15°— 17° °F 59°— 63°
Comments: Can be enjoyed young, but do not be afraid to lay it aside for a year or two.


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