Wine Making News

Blackberry Wine There is no shortage of wild blackberries growing in parks, backyards, along streets, and just about everywhere else.  Local wild blackberries are among the most environmentally friendly foods that the typical urban and suburban eats; therefore wild homemade blackberry wine is one of the most environmentally friendly alcoholic drink available.  Blackberry wine is […]

Meglioli Limited Edition is a top of the line pasteurized juice by Mosti Mondiale¬†which offers 23 Litres/6 U.S. gallons of 100% Grape must¬†for the winemaking enthusiast! The juices are sourced from Italy, Chile, and the US (more details below) and the finished product will result in a quintessential quality wine with richness and intensity and […]

FULL SIZED USED NEUTRAL BARRELS: RED WINE, WHITE WINE, AND WHISKEY BARRELS   These barrels are considered “neutral” as they impart minimal oak flavour, but can still be used as:   Storage for wine combined with other oaking methods (chips, cubes, staves, etc.) Vessel for inoculation or fermentation of wild yeast/bacteria (Flanders red, Lambics, Geuze, […]