Filters & Pads

For the home winemaker : Buon Vino Super Jet 3 pad filter is available for rent for a daily fee

For the professional winemaker: Italian filter PLUS 40 pad x 20cm complete with crossover plates and bypass assembly is available for rent for a daily fee.

– Purchase filter pads. All Buon Vino wine filters have been designed to use ORIGINAL Buon Vino Filter Pads. The micron sizes and consistency of Buon Vino Filter Pads have been designed to give optimal performance when used with Buon Vino wine filters. The flow rate of the pump is designed to work in conjunction with the Buon Vino Filter Pads to give you the best filtration possible.

There are 3 grades of Buon Vino pads: #1 coarse, #2 polish, and #3 sterilizing – use the type that matches your wine requirement. 3 pads are inserted in the filter for a filtration pass.


The SUPER 40×40 and the MINUS 20X20 pad filter have the ability to do 2 stage filtration with the addition of a crossover plate. What this means is that you can run your wine through a coarse pad and then a finer pad all at the same time. The throughput will be slower but it will allow you to do all the filtration required in one run not 2 or more. The maximum amount of pads is 40 but they can operate with fewer pads depending on your run size. Filter pads used by the SUPER 40cm and the pads used by the MINUS are 20cm with no holes. Purchase either the economical Seitz 40cm (cut them into 4 x 20cm for use with the MINUS) or the convenient precut Seitz 20cm in a large selection of microns to best suit your needs.

Filters & Pads can be found on the online catalogue HERE