Pinot Noir Glassware & Bottle

Pinot Noir

The Bottle (Burgundy)
Sold by the case

The Glass
Sold by the glass or by the case

Burgundy bottles have gently sloping shoulders, with both red and white wines in similar green glass. These are sturdy, heavy bottles, with a slightly fatter girth than other wine bottles – although you may only notice this if stacking them. This shape is also widely used throughout the New World for Chardonnay and PINOT NOIR, although it is also used in Italy for Barolo.

Can you smell the difference? You will with this PINOT NOIR glass. While we happily sip all wines from our favourite glass despite the shape or size, we find that the pleasure multiples when we sip Pinot Noir in a glass that enhances its beautiful aromas. Pinot Noir wines are highly fragrant and the large, wider bowl of this glass allows you to
fully appreciate their beguiling scent.
A true pleasure.
Made by local Canadian company, Puddifoot.

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