Spanish Grapes & Juices

by admin on May 16, 2016

Frozen Grapes from Spain


The grapes are immediately crushed and frozen after harvesting, so all the natural character and aromas are locked in. Working directly with a winery and vineyard allows the grapes to be hand harvested based on proper levels of ripeness, as opposed to waiting for availability of picking crews. All this attention to detail allows you to purchase excellent musts.

Our white blend is the signature white blend of the winery that is worked with – a tried, tested and true example of the art of blending exceptional grapes.


2017 Red Spanish Grapes: $160.00 (SOLD OUT FOR 2017)

A heavy producer, up to 11 tons per Deep rich colour, medium tannins, with loads of red berry fruit and earthy notes on the nose, and a higher level of acidity than other grapes of the region. It is a perfect blending grape, but is also perfectly well left alone as a 100% varietal.

Cabernet Sauvignon
The perfect climate for big Cabs- long growing season, warm days, cool evenings, drip irrigation when necessary and a vineyard manager that loves his cab- loads of black fruit, rich tannins, and big aromas.

Grenache Noir
Grenache grapes are grown throughout the Mediterranean and are a dominant grape variety of Langedoc, Cotes Du Rhone. It finds itself up to 90% in great Chateau Neuf Du Pape wines.

Absolutely exceptional on its own, great mouthfeel, rich aromas and flavours of red berries, with velvet smooth tannins.

A textbook example of great shiraz, or Syrah as the locals call it. Loads of jammy spicy strawberry and raspberry, big body and a long finish.

Called Ull de Liebre in the local Catalan dialect (eye of the hare), it shows rich colour, notes of leather with plums and cherries on the nose.

Each pail of red must is made from crushed destemmed grapes.  20 liters represents about 50 pounds of grapes on the vine.

Post pressing each pail of red must is estimated to yield a little over 14 liters of wine. 


2017 White Spanish Juice: $180.00 (SOLD OUT FOR 2017)

Grenache Blanc, Muscat Alexandra & Macabeo
This blend is dominated by Grenache Blanc, with a splash of Muscat Alexandra and Macabeo for colour. The locals prefer fermenting to bring out the beautiful fruit aromatics.


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