Limited Edition

by admin on December 16, 2015


Order now for the Spring!

Meglioli Limited Edition is a top of the line pasteurized juice by Mosti Mondiale which offers 23 Litres of 100% Grape must for the winemaking enthusiast!

The juices are sourced from Italy, Chile and the USA (details below) and the finished product will result in quintessential quality wine with richness and intensity and great potential for long term aging


Availability Varietal Origin   Price
January Chardonnay Italy $192.00
January Moscato Italiano Italy $192.00
January Nebbiolo Italy $206.00
January Rojo Grande with Raisins Chile $220.00
February Amorosso with Raisins Italy $208.00
February Malbo Gentile Italy $204.00
February Pinot Noir USA $206.00
February Sicilian Primitovo with AllGape pack Italy $220.00
March Blush Merlot Italy $201.00
March Negroamaro Italy $206.00
March Old Vine Zinfandel with AllGrape pack    USA $212.00
March Riesling (Finger Lake, NY) USA $206.00
March Shiraz with AllGrape pack USA $212.00

A 50% deposit is required for all orders. To place your order please call us at 604.473.9463.