Malolactic Bacteria

by admin on September 14, 2017

Direct innoculation cultures, no starter preparation needed.  Add directly to the wine.

We ship with an ice pack.

Don’t forget the nutrients!


Most popular and economical:

Vinifloa Oenos by Chr. Hansen (for 250L):

SKU: 12401-00250

Price: $23.50

Chr. Hansen Viniflora Oenos can be used with red or white wines up to 14% alcohol.  Minimum pH is 3.2 and the temperature range is 63-77F. Viniflora Oenos is a consistent fermentor with a clean and classic taste.

Lalvin MBR31 (for 250L):

SKU: 12415-00250

Price: $37.95

Lalvin MBR31 can be used with red, white, or fruit wines, and can also be used with ciders. Lalvin MBR31 can be used up to 14% alcohol. Minimum pH is 3.1 and the minimum temperature is 55F. Lalvin MBR31 is a slow starting fermentor which accelerates over time and finishes quickly.

Many other strains availalbe by Chr. Hansen, Lalvin, and Wyeast.

Leucofood (for 250L):

Sku: 12445

Price: $5.35

Leucofood is a nutrient speicific for malolactic fermentation. Leucofood requires 10g for 250L, 100gm for 2,500L, and 1kg for 25,000L.  Other brands available in 1kg and larger.