by admin on June 30, 2012


Laboratory Equipment - Glassware


  • Glass Beakers from 10ml to 2000ml
  • Economy plastic tripour beakers and graduated measuring cups with handles are great for the “no glass areas”.
  • Use a rubber bung as a stopper for your Erlenmeyer flask and start swirling your samples. The 2 Litre Erlenmeyer is of great interest to beer maker in their yeast propagation programs
  • Graduated cylinders – choose from plastic, economy glass with plastic base or a deluxe class A glass cylinders. Use these to make your perfect blends.
  • Volumetric flasks for the greatest measurement accuracy. Use when mixing a solution to a certain volume.
  • Flask - ErlenmeyerGlass sample bottles complete with lids are sold in amber or flint colour in various sizes
  • Volumetric pipettes for repeated sample size or graduated pipettes for versatility should always be used with a pipettor when dealing with reagents.
  • Convenience items such as labware racks, wash bottles, parafilm, test tube clamps, gloves, liquinox glass cleaner will all make your labwork easier.

Glassware products can be found on the online catalogue HERE