• Basic tests performed by all winemakers are sugar, acid and pH. A triple scale economy hydrometer with a cylinder is one of the most basic piece of testing equipment.
  • In a commercial environment the calibrated and certified hydrometers in scales such as Brix, specific gravity, alcohol, proof, Plato or dual with temperature control are must haves.
  • Acid testing can be as simple as a basic acid test kit; the Accuvin test strips to an acid titration setup or a Hanna titrator for our commercial clients.
  • Ph meters are the most important piece of equipment in a winery. Choose from handheld units to bench top models from manufacturers such as Hanna and Orion.
  • We stock replacement electrodes, buffers, storage solutions and cleaners, since pH meters require regular maintenance and reagents have short shelf lives.

Temperature and sulfite content are monitored using methods that vary greatly in price, speed and accuracy. Thermometers that float, that hang on the wall, that get inserted into containers or that stick to the outside of your container. You decide what meets your need. It is important to test for free and total sulfites. Testing for total sulfites is as simple as keeping good notes as to the total amount of sulfite added. Free sulfite is dependent on so many different variables that it cannot be determined unless it is tested. Chemetrics titrets, Accuvin test strips, Basic or Improved assemblies, Hanna titrators and more.

Other tests such as alcohol content, residual sugar, turbidity, volatile acidity and many others.

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