Wine Kits

Juice Kits

Wine kits contain all the ingredients you need to make your first batch of wine.

    • Low cost risk starting point vinifera box
    • Make your first batch quickly for a quick reward
    • Intended for early drinking not long term storage
    • All ingredients and instructions are included in the kit
    • Makes 30 bottles of 750ml finished wine
    • Many varieties to choose from
    • All kits are adjusted for complete ease of making
    • A staple in most craft winemaking shops (U-vins)
    • The 10L juices refer to the amount of juice included in each kit.
    • All kits yield 23L of wine. The amount of water that you add varies based on the amount of concentrate required.
    • Vinifera Noble 10L kits are the accomplishment of a judicious blend of pure varietal musts and varietal must concentrates by the Mosti Mondiale team of experts.

10L Wine Kits can be found on the online catalogue HERE.