2020 Spring Fresh Juices – Chile, South Africa & Australia

Order Deadline for Chilean and South African: April 10th.
Pickup Date: Projected April 29th

 23L Chilean Fresh Juice:

Cabernet Sauvignon 
This Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon offers a beautiful deep ruby coloured robe with a predominant bouquet of blackberry and raspberry accompanied by a hint of pepper. Its slightly aggressive attack and long finish on the palate grant this wine the potential for a longer aging period.
This variety is considered as the flagship red wine of Chile. This crimson red wine has big character along with soft tannins and spicy undertones all at once. The mouth filling flavours are enhanced by the ever present oak.
Mosti Mondiale’s Chilean Malbec is an unforgettable journey through Chile’s wine country. A beautiful garnet robe, dark red cherry flavours and a nose comprising of cigar tobacco and coffee all combine for a delectable experience.
Our Chilean Merlot’s deep burgundy colour, violet undertone and almost overwhelming bouquet of ripe red cherries and spices make it a true contender in the Chilean red wines category.
Our golden straw-coloured Chardonnay displays a tropical fruit bouquet complete with vanilla undertones. On the palate you’ll find notes of passion fruit and citrus – a well-balanced wine easily enjoyed during a meal or by a cozy warm fireplace.
This wonderful blend brings together two halves of a whole into a harmonic union. The Semillon contributes flavours of honey and butterscotch to the Chardonnay’s nuances of tropical fruits and vanilla. A true symphony of flavours.
Sauvignon Blanc
Light amber colour with a strong citrusy bouquet and herbal undertones. Crisp and clean on the palate, can be enjoyed on its own or with lights dishes or appetizers.
A medium-bodied white wine with aromas of freshly picked green apples and apricots that displays a stunningly long and floral aromatic finish. Take a sip of Chile.

23L South African Fresh Juice:

Cabernet Sauvignon                                        $129.00
In the world of wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon is one that does not get  neglected – and with good reason! The intense mouthfeel coupled with fruity notes of cassis, plums and cherries make this wine an unequivocal master of provoking the senses. Dry, full-bodied and slightly woody arising from the natural overabundance of tannins. If you are courageous enough to set this South African Cabernet Sauvignon aside for 12+ months, it will give new meaning to the phrase “ages like fine wine”!Special Edition

Pinotage                                                              $133.00
A South African line-up is not complete without a Pinotage. This bold red wine is synonymous with South Africa and it’s no wonder why – its hints of dark and red fruits combine to produce a medley consisting of blackberries, raspberries and licorice on the palate. More subtle flavors include rooibos, tea leaf and flavorful pipe tobacco. The bouquet exudes hints of wood and spices. Relatively high acidity provides a strong finish, making it the perfect pairing for game meats, gourmet burgers and homemade pizza.

Shiraz                                                                     $129.00
Experience one of South Africa’s most renowned grapes: a dry, full-bodied cherry-red Shiraz with fruity, spicy notes when young. As it ages, subtler flavors like coffee, chocolate begin to take over. The nose slowly develops a hint of charcoal, which adds to the mysteriousness of this classic wine. Enjoy it with company if you really want to share it, but don’t be ashamed of keeping it your own little secret!

Sauvignon Blanc                                                 $126.00 
You would be hard-pressed to find a more refreshing wine than a young, crispy South African Sauvignon Blanc. This splendid white wine is made to be enjoyed quite young. The combination of greenish, vegetal and mineral flavors emanating a few weeks after fermentation will make it very difficult to put this one away for a while. Off-dry with a lively acidity and medium finish. Serve slightly cool with light seafood platters.

2020 Spring Fresh Juices – Australia

Order Deadline for Australian:
Pickup Date: Projected

– Chardonnay (White) $135

This Australian Chardonnay offers up a complex fruity bouquet, with hints of ripe stone fruit and an underlying citrus note. On the palate it is well balanced with just the right amount of oak enhancing its full bodied flavor. Perfect as a “tete a tete” wine or with your favourite grilled white meats or fish. 

– Orange Muscat (White)  $136

This white wine has citrus and honey notes with a slight sweet finish. On the palate it is fresh and crisp with a lingering clementine flavor. Served chilled as an aperitif wine or simply enjoyed cold on the patio during the HOT summer days. 

– Shiraz (Red) $138

This Shiraz offers up rich earthy flavors on the palate. A medium bodied wine with hints of pepper and blackberries. Pairs well with charcuterie, roasted beef, lamb and venison. 

– Merlot (Red) $138

Soft and mellow texture right from the start. This Merlot offers hints of cassis with light floral notes. Pairs well with grilled or Cajun style red and white meat, red sauce pasta. 

– Petit Verdot (Red) $140

Bold and full bodied, the Australian Petit Verdot offers up flavors of dark fruits; black cherry, plums, with firm tannins and hints of spice. A robust wine that will age gracefully and gain in complexity. Pairs well with hearty roasted red meats and aged strong cheese. 

– Cabernet Sauvignon (Red) $140

Full bodied deep garnet red. This wine offers up flavors of blackcurrant, blackberries with a slight hint of cedar. The tannin structure of the cabernet Sauvignon matched with French Oak, create a wonderful symphony of tannins. 12 months of ageing will result in a softer easier drinking wine. Pairs well with red meats, poultry and fish.