Fall Fresh Juices 2020

Printable Price List can be found HERE

Pre-Order Deadline: October 22nd OCTOBER 30th*

Arrival Date: November 18th*

Fresh juices from California, Washington, New York, and Italy are available in the fall, on a pre-order basis only. Bosagrape is now taking orders for the 2020 harvest. Place your order today by calling 604-473-9463 or 1-866-55GRAPE. We request a 50% deposit when you place your order.

The Deadline for Ordering Fresh Juice with Crushed Grapes was October 22nd

The Deadline for Ordering Fresh Juice is October 22nd OCTOBER 30th

The Delivery Date for Fresh Juice and Fresh Juice with Crushed Grapes is November 18th*

We do not provide storage facilities for any fresh juices. You must be able to pick them up on the arrival date. We will call you about 1 week before the arrival date to  remind you of the pick-up.

Important Information about Fresh Juices

  • All fresh juices must be pre-ordered. The ordering deadline is around mid-October.
  • A 50% deposit is required for any orders to be processed.
  • We do not provide storage facilities for any fresh juices. You must be prepared to pick them up immediately once they arrive.
  • We will call you approximately 1 week in advance to remind you of the pick-up date.

Fresh Juice with Crushed Grapes

Try the best of both worlds: the ease of juice, and the extra flavor and intensity of fermenting with real grapes. These larger-sized 30L pails contain 23L of fresh grape juice and a minimum of 4kg of crushed and de-stemmed grapes. You will not be disappointed.

Varietal Origin Price per pail
Cabernet Franc Yakima Valley, WA $147.75
Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi, California $139.75
Cabernet Sauvignon Yakima Valley, WA $143.75
Merlot Lodi, California $136.75
Pinot Noir   Lodi, California $136.75
Syrah          Yakima Valley, WA $143.75
Zinfandel Lodi, California 136.75

2020 “Fresco” Fresh Juices

Bosagrape is pleased to offer 29 varieties of fresh 100% grape juices. These juices are made from grapes sourced from Italy and the United States. They are packaged in 23L plastic pails and have been balanced for your convenience.

Varietal Origin Price per pail
Alicante California $91.00
Amorosso Italy $114.50
Barbera California $97.50
Blanc des Chateaux California $93.30
Cabernet Sauvignon California $104.00
Castel del Papa Italy $109.50
Chenin Blanc California $94.40
Gewurtztraminer New York $97.10
Granbarile Italy $114.50
Grenache California $93.60
Il Toscano Italy $111.70
Lambrusco Italy $117.45
Merlot Italy $114.20
Montepulciano Italy $113.55
Moscato California $93.30
Nebbiolo Italy $117.90
Nero D’Avola Italy $117.90
Pinot Chardonnay California $112.35
Pinot Grigio Italy $111.35
Pinot Noir California $100.70
Primitivo Italy $114.90
Riesling New York $99.65
Ruby Cabernet California $94.50
Sangiovese Italy $114.30
Sauvignon Blanc California $97.10
Shiraz California $111.70
Trebbiano Italy $108.55
Zinfandel Blush California $105.30
Zinfandel, Red California $105.30

Red wines are underlined, Rosés are in italics.

Optinonal addition for red wines:

AllGrape grape skin packs contain no sweeteners, concentrate, or added colour – simply 100% pasteurized crushed and de-stemmed grapes. Add to most red juices for increased body and bouquet.

AllGrape pack, 4kg  $26.00

Nylon straining bag, 15×23 with drawstring   $15.75 SKU 13289-C