Beer Recipes

For the beginner and intermediate brewer, we have created a few recipes to get started.  Start and stay with the liquid malt extract recipes or progress to the malt extract and grain recipes.

Our liquid malt recipes include:

  •  #60504  “Weizen”  our Bavarian Wheat Beer
  • #60500  “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lager” our Cream Ale
  • #60501  “Sixth Sense Best Bitter” our English Pale Ale
  • #60506  “Sumpin Hoppy” our India Pale Ale
  • #60505  “Not too Pale” our West Coast Cream Ale

Our liquid malt + steeping grains recipes:

  • #60509 “Ebony” our American Stout
  • #60508 “Down with Brown” our English Brown Ale
  • #60502 “Grain Muncher Helles” our German Light Lager
  • #60503 “Better than Rickards” our Irish Red Ale
  • #60507 “Porter Fino” our Porter